Niigata prefecture is located near the center of Japan and such is the enjoyable prefecture to experience the beauty of four seasons. Top-class quality of local Sake and ” KOSHIHIKARI “one of the most popular rice brand in Japan is growing among rich and extensive Niigata plain fields. In addition, Niigata is blessed with the treasure of seafood and well known region in Japan as variety of seafood cuisine because of its location facing to Japan Sea. Niigata is one of the battleground state for Ramen in Japan and Ramen lovers all over Japan pay attention to the Ramen created by its abundant food culture.


The reason that the Prefecture of Niigata produces the finest sake in the world is snow. The abundance of snowfall in the mountains of Niigata constantly melts to create the purest rice paddles to grow sake rice. Additionally, continuous snowing creates an air purifier which is crucial for the sake brewing process. The perfect climate for sake production combined with the advanced brewing techniques creates an environment that is destined to nurture the highest quality sake in the world.



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